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Category: History & Nature Trail
Sat & Sun | 25 & 26 May 2019

About Machi Tourism

“We, human beings have one thing in common and that is Curiosity! It inspires us to discover. It fills us with interest to know and experience beautiful nature, cultural diversity among people & their behavior. We truly enjoy being at the different places and locations to the fullest.
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MaChi Eco & Rural Tourism (MERT) is here to fill you with curiosity. Our aim is to help explore beautiful and mysterious nature, wildlife, rural, social & Incredible India. Experiencing all of this with utmost curiosity fills one with joy, satisfaction, inspiration and most importantly awareness. We believe that awareness is a key to inspire someone to protect. Hence we are motivated to educate our co-travelers as much as possible.

‘MaChi’ is a combination of part of two words; ‘Ma’-Maruti and ‘Chi’-Chitampalli. Mr. Maruti Chitampalli is a well-known nature conservationist and author in the state of Maharashtra. We are motivated by his incredible work, books, and dedication towards spreading awareness in society. ‘MaChi’ word is also known for a slender part coming out of a fort. It has played a significant role in keeping eye on secret activities in nearby areas.

MaChi is committed to exploring with curiosity and responsibility! It is a step to responsible tourism!!!”

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